IISR-Rejatha (Ginger)
Year of Release 2001
Pedigree A selection from germplasm.
Areas of Adoption Kerala
Maturity Group 200 days
Average Yield 22.4t/ha
Quality Attribute  
Essential oil 2.36%
Dry recovery 23%
Fibre content 4%
Morphological Characters  
Colour of aerial shoot Green
Plant height (cm) 67.7
Leaf length/breadth (cm) 23.6/3.0
No. of tillers per clump 8.26
No. of leaves per tiller 13.65
Shape of rhizome plumpy, round and bold
Colour of scale Brown
Special characteristics  

Plumpy , round and bold rhizomes with three layered compact clumps. Low fibre content.. Rich in oil & oleoresin.


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