Crop Protection

The Crop Protection Division focuses on undertaking research on plant pathogens, insects and plant parasitic nematodes and provides specialized services to the spice growers to protect their plants from pests and diseases.The Division is very strongly focused on developing eco-friendly, integrated management schedules to minimize the use of pesticides and reduce their risk, to obtain safe and clean spices.


At present twelve scientists belonging to disciplines like Plant Pathology, Entomology, Nematology and Microbiology are working in this Division.

Name Designation Specialization
Dr. Santhosh J Eapen Principal Scientist & Head Nematology, Bioinformatics
Dr. A Ishwara Bhat Principal Scientist Plant Pathology
Dr. C M Senthil Kumar Senior Scientist Entomology
Dr. C N Biju Senior Scientist Plant Pathology
Dr. R Praveena Scientist Plant Pathology
Dr. C Sarathambal Scientist Agri. Microbiology
Dr. Mohammed Faisal Peeran Scientist Plant Pathology
Dr. A Jeevalatha Scientist Plant Pathology
Dr. C Sellaperumal Scientist Nematology
Dr. M Balaji Rajkumar Scientist Entomology
Ms. C K Chandravally Technical Officer Plant Pathology
Ms. Hridya Technical Assistant  
Research Fellows
Ms. Blessy M Baby CSIR Fellow Bioinformatics
Ms. Subila K P Research Assistant Plant Pathology
Ms. Alka Nasser CSIR Fellow Botany
Ms. Mery Rincy K KSCSTE Fellow Biotechnology
Ms. Anju Mohandas KSCSTE Fellow Biotechnology
Dr. Ahamed Mujtaba Junior Research Fellow Biotechnology
Ms. Karthika C S UGC Fellow Botany
Ms. Fathimath Zumaila UGC Fellow Botany
Ms. Megha Das UGC Fellow Botany
Ms. Sumayya JRF Biotechnology