IISR research is guided by science with a human touch.By giving a human touch to agriscience, IISR dedicates its work to the farmers and spice industry of the nation.The research programs of the institute (both institute and externally funded) are...

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Indian Institute of Spices Research has been recognised as a centre for doctoral studies by Mangalore University, University of Calicut and Kerala Agricultural all subjects and by Bharathiar Univeristy in Botany and Nagarjuna University...

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Farmers' Corner

IISR is bound to serve the farming community of the country. A variety of highly useful information on spices is assembled as follows: Package of Practices, Spice varieties released, Pamphlets in Malayalam, Planting materials, Success stories...

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Latest Research News

  • Whole genome sequencing of two Ralstonia solanacearum strains infecting ginger: Whole genome of two clomid online strains...Read More
  • Standardisation of barcoding loci rbcL and ITS for Myristica species...Read More
  • Unique nutmeg germplasm buy clomid online accessions collected: Few unique nutmeg accessions were collected...Read More

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Latest Research Publications

  • Isolation and characterization of a Lecanicillium psalliotae isolate infecting cardamom thrips...Read More
  • Single strain infection of adult and larval cardamom buy levitra online thrips...Read More
  • Further evidence of true seed transmission of buy propecia Piper yellow mottle virus....Read More

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