Crop Improvement and Biotechnology

Our history

Crop Improvement Division of IISR possesses world's largest germplasm collection in various spices. A total of 25 high yielding and high quality spices varieties have been released. Vegetative and micro propagation techniques were standardized.

The Division of Crop Improvement has had a long and lustrous history that spans some 40 years. Since its inception, the Division has provided a home to innovative scientists who had made it their lives' work to reduce poverty through spices crop improvement research. Significant advancements in spices science and technologies would not have been possible had it not been for Crop Improvement Division's commitment.

Name of Head of the Division Period of service Specialization
Dr. J. Rema Feb 2018 – till date Horticulture Science
Dr. B. Sasikumar Dec 2013- Jan 2018 Plant Breeding
Sri. B. Krishnamoorthy Jan 1999- Nov 2013 Plant Breeding
Dr. P.N. Ravindran 1995- Jan 1999 Botany and Cytogenetics

At present eleven scientists belonging to disciplines like Economic botany, Genetics and cytogenetics, Horticulture, Plant breeding and Plant biotechnology are working in this Division.

Name Designation Specialization
Dr. J. Rema Principal Scientist & Head in Charge Horticulture
Dr. R. Ramakrishnan Nair Principal Scientist Genetics & Cytogenetics
Dr. K.V. Saji Principal Scientist Economic Botany
Dr. T. E. Sheeja Principal Scientist Plant Biotechnology
Dr. D. Prasath Principal Scientist Horticulture Science
Dr. P. Umadevi Scientist Plant Biotechnology
Ms. S. Aarthi Scientist Horticulture
Mr. V A. Muhammed Nissar Scientist Horticulture
Dr. M. S. Shivakumar Scientist Plant Breeding
Ms. H. J. Akshitha Scientist Horticulture
Mr. Honnappa Asangi Scientist Spices, Plantation, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
Mr. K. P. Premachandran Technical Officer Senior Technical
Mr. Hareesh B. T. Technical Assistant Technician
Research Fellows
Ms. Prashina Mol P. PhD Scholar Biotechnology
Ms. Aparna R.S. DBT JRF Biotechnology
Ms. Sumayya Hassan PhD Scholar Botany
Ms. Aswathi A P CSIR-UGC JRF Biological Sciences
Dr. Bhabhina N M Senior Research Fellow Nanoscience and Technology
Ms. Dona Ann Jose Senior Research Fellow Horticulture