KVK Organised Training on Sweet Potato

Collaborative training by KVK, Peruvannamuzhi and CTCRI, Trivandrum on sweet potato cultivation was inaugurated by Dr Manoj P. Samuel, Director, CWRDM, Kozhikode. The programme was presided by Dr CK Thankamani, Director, IISR, Calicut. Expert classes on Agro techniques, value addition of sweet potato were carried by Dr G. Byju, Dr D. Jaganathan from CTCRI, Trivandrum. The participant farmers were issued with planting materials of different sweet potato, Tapioca varieties and micronutrient mixture to start immediate planting of these tubers. Dr P. Ratha krishnan, KVK welcomed the participants and conducted Agriculture Energy Conservation programme and Dr K.M. Prakash, KVK delivered vote of thanks and class on Intercropping in Coconut plantation.