Readthrough is an unusual process in which a stop codon is misread or skipped. Numerous studies report that some translation is regulated by the readthrough reactions although the complete mechanism is not clear. Hence the discovery of readthrough regions is pivotal for further insights into their cellular roles, which may provide additional insights into the mechanism of translational regulation. Nucleotides near the stop codon are known to affect the efficiency of translation termination. This results in the production of readthrough product.

This Readthro' pattern search tool can find such readthrough pattern 'AUGA'  (a combination of Start (AUG) and Stop (UGA) codons). This tool finds the Start/Stop pattern in the submitted sequence and reports the consequent occurances of this pattern only if it is not interrupted by other stop codons such as UAA and UAG. This analysis will help to identify the frame shift mutation that leads to leaky termination which in turn leads to a readthrough product.