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New varieties
Indian Institute of Spices Research
1) How many new plants and seed varieties have been successfully bred at the various national and regional agriculture research institute and universities in the last five years?
Ans) 10  
Please give a detail break up  
Crop No. of varieties released/
recommended for release
Names of varieties
Black pepper 4 IISR Thevam, IISR Malabar Excel, IISR Girimunda and IISR Sakthi.
Cardamom 1 IISR Vijetha
Ginger 2 IISR Mahima and IISR Rejatha
Turmeric 2 IISR Allepepy supreme and IISR Kedaram
Nutmeg 1 IISR Viswashree
How many projects for new plant and seed variety are now in the pipe line  
Ans) 4 Nos  
Please give details of various crop and horticulture products  
Sl. Crop Varieties in pipe line
1. Black pepper 3 (Drought tolerance, high yield, earliness)
2. Cardamom 1 (High yield and good quality)
3. Ginger 1 (Low fibre and high yield)
4. Cassia 2 ( High oil and good yield)
2) How many Varieties seasonal crops in agriculture are existing in the country at present.  
Ans) Eight black pepper, three ginger, seven turmeric, three cardamom, two cinnamon and one nutmeg varieties have been released / proposed for release.
How many of these varieties are indigenous and how many are the outcome of biotechnological researches in the country  
Ans) All the above varieties had been developed from indigenous germplasm collections. They are not the outcome of biotechnological research.  
How many plants and seed varieties including agricultural ones have flown into our country from abroad  
Ans) No plant / seed variety has flown in to our country from abroad.  
Whether it is a fact that the multinational companies like Monsanto are allowed to stretch out in our country and to experiment with their genetically modified seeds  
Ans) Not applicable  
If so, the resultant affects there after  
Ans) Not applicable  
The programme of the Government to reverse these adverse affects.  
Ans) Not applicable  
3) Whether it is a fact that some spices varieties developed by Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology three varieties of Ginger, four varieties of Turmeric and one variety of Mango Ginger) have not been notified by ICAR and Central Variety Release Committee.
Ans) What is mentioned in part 'A' is correct. The Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology at its High Altitude Research Station, Pottangi, Koraput District evolved the following varieties:
1. Ginger - Suprabha, Surabhi & Suruchi
2. Turmeric- Roma, Suroma, Ranga & Rashmi
3. Mango Ginger - Amba
These varieties were recommended for release by All Indian Coordinated Research Project on Spices Workshops held in the past and all of them were released for the State of Orissa. The ginger and turmeric varieties are very popular and are grown in many states. Subsequently, this Centre or the University has not taken up the matter with ICAR/ CVRC for notification. In response to a letter from the Dean of Research (No. 4917/DR dated December 1, 2000). I have specifically requested him to present the required proforma to the CVRC for notification. I have also written to DDG (H) on 16th January 2001 indicating that these varieties have not been notified.
If so the reasons there of  
Ans) The varieties mentioned above have not been notified by the Central Variety Release Committee because the required proforma for notification have not been submitted to the CVRC for notification. It is necessary to submit the required proforma by the agency developing the variety for release and notification by the Central Variety Release Committee. This has not been done by the Orisa University of Agriculture & Technology.  
What are the other spices varieties pending for notification  
Ans) Many Universities develop varieties and release them at State level. The AICRP on Spices Workshops recommend the release of the varieties presented during the Workshop either for State level release or for National level release after considerable discussion. The concerned agency developing the variety has the responsibility of preparing the required documents and submit them before the Central Variety Release Committee both for release at the National level and for notification. Often this is not being practiced by many State Agricultural Universities. This is the reason why many of these varieties have not been notified. I am taking up this matter with all the State Agricultural Universities coming under the AICRP on Spices to get their varieties notified on a priority basis.
4) Information regarding the varieties of spices approved for release during 2005-06
Ans) List of spice varieties approved for release during 2005-06 (IISR, Calicut)
Black pepper - IISR Thevam, IISR Girimunda, IISR Malabar Excel
Turmeric - IISR Alleppey Supreme, IISR Kedaram
High Yielding Agricultural Commodities/Varieties developed in spice crops under AICRP on Spices
Spice Crop
Name of the variety
Name of state agricultural University
Cumin RZ-223 Rajasthan Agricultural University (Rajasthan)
Cumin Gujarat Cumin-4 SardarKrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University (Gujarat)
Cumin RZ-341 Rajasthan Agricultural University ( Rajasthan)
Fenugreek RMt-305 Rajasthan Agricultural University ( Rajasthan)
Fenugreek Gujarat Methi-2 Sardar Krushi Nagar Dantiwada Agricultural University (Gujarat)
Fenugreek RMt-351 Rajasthan Agricultural University (Rajasthan)
Coriander   Sudha Acharya N.G Ranga Agricultural University (A.P)
Coriander   Hisar Surabhi Chowdhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University (Haryana)
Coriander RCr-480 Rajasthan Agricultural University (Rajasthan)
Coriander DH-246 Chowdhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University (Haryana)
Fennel RF-178 Rajasthan Agricultural University (Rajasthan)