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Manpower & Budget Utilization
Indian Institute of Spices Research
1) Since How long this shortfall is existing in the ICAR as reflected in the Appendix II ?
Ans) This short fall is existing since the ban on recruitment was implemented and them implementation of 10% cut on the existing posts.  
what is the up-dated/latest position of staff strength of ICAR?  
Category Sanctioned Filled Vacant
Scientific( including Director) 42 34 8
Technical 37 36 1
Administrative 19 16 3
Supporting 63 62 1
Total 161 148 13
What are the reasons for huge short fall in posts/category 1 to 5 mentioned above, respectively?  
a) Due to the ban on recruitment.
b) Due to the implementation of 10% cut on the existing post.
c) Non-filling of the posts of retired employees.
How the ICAR is expected to achieve the optimum level of R&D progress with huge shortfall in scientific and technical staff strength?
Ans) It will be very difficult to carry out the work with the present level of strength of staff. However, attempts are being made to do the work by the resent staff and put in extra efforts to achieve the results. This is leading to huge work load on the part of the staff (Scientific, Technical, Administrative and Supporting), who have to take the extra burden. To a limited extent, support is being obtained through the externally funded schemes.  
Please give details of schemes/projects which are suffering owing to these vacancies/  
Ans) At IISR, research programmes on cardamom at Cardamom Research Centre, Appangala; post harvest and value addition and plant protection are being affected. If adequate staff have been provided, solutions/management practices affecting the spice crop such as foot-rot of pepper, viral diseases of cardamom, soft rot of ginger and fungus in value addition and post harvest management would haven been done.  
What have been the estimated loss/shortfall in research work of ICAR Scheme-wise/Project-wise during each of the last three years, year-wise?  
Ans) Research projects of the Institute were formulated during Annual Staff Research Council Meetings. Based on suggestion of Research Advisory Committee, Technical Programmes under each project (carried out normally by 2-3 scientists), was reviewed during SRC and RAC meetings. Table 1 gives the research projects of IISR, Calicut during 2001-02 to 2003-04.

What have been the estimated shortfall in achieving financial targets due to this lack of man power during each of the last three years, year-wise?
Ans) The financial allocation during the Xth Plan has been trimmed taking into account the actual staff in position. Hence, there is no short-fall in achieving financial target.  
Please give the details of amount and percentage of funds used for the cause of one time catch up grant and the benefit obtained from following the instruction in this regard?  
Ans) Rs. 45 lakhs sanctioned but not released to the institute.  
Please furnish annual population growth rate vis--vis annual food grains production growth rate as well as annual growth rate of crop agriculture, fisheries, forestry, animal husbandry and dairying during the last decade; year-wise in a tabular form as under?  
Ans) Spices productiongrwoth rate during 2000-01 to 2000-03: 3.88% Population growth rate during this period: 1.62%  
The Be, Re and anticipated expenditure (2003-04) and be (2004-05) of some of the schemes of horticulture sector has been observed as under:  
Ans) Indian Institute of spices Research BE 2003-04 shown as Rs. 190 lakhs was recast as Rs. 145 lakhs while EFC memo was finalized by ICAR. As the approval of items of equipments for procurement for 2-3-04 was received late (only by March, 2004), and amount of Rs. 20 lakhs was to be carried over to this year for utilization.  
2) Whether the laboratories are finding a difficult to get qualified candidates on continuous basis?
Ans) Not aware of