Indian Institute of Spices Research

Sub Centres
Cardamom Research Centre
The Cardamom Research Centre, is the regional centre of the Indian Institute of Spices Research(IISR), Calicut, Kerala, located 8km away from Madikeri on the Madikeri-Bhagamandala Road in Kodagu District of Karnataka and is situated 920 m above MSL. (17.8 ha of farm area for field experiments)
  • Research on all aspects of cardamom and cardamom based cropping systems.
  • Multiplication and distribution of improved varieties of cardamom, black pepper and tree spices.
  • Consultancy and advisory services to growers.
  • Training of farmers and officers of developmental departments on spice production and processing technologie
Thrust Areas
  • Establishment of global gene bank for cardamom and allied genera
  • Developing in vivo and in vitro clonal repositories of cardamom gene banks
  • Breeding for high yield, high quality and resistance to mosaic and vein clearing diseases , thrips and drought
  • Molecular characterization of cardamom with special reference to high yielding, disease resistant and drought tolerant and other promising selections
  • Development of integrated pest, disease and nutrient management strategies with emphasis on biological control that are environmentally friendly and ecologically sound.
  • Developing diagnostic kits for early detection of virus sources in the crop
  • Development of a production technology for spices and spics-based cropping systems
  • Biotechnological approaches for development of varieties having high yield and resistance to pathogens and pests and for developing genotypes with specific end uses.
  • Generation of elite planting material of released cardamom, ginger and black pepper varieties
  • Characterisation of spice growing soils and assessing soil quality for developing soil based agro-techniques for sustainable spice production.
  • Popularisation of refined technologies through training, consultancy and other mass media aides
Scientist in charge,
IISR, Cardamom Research Centre,
Appangala, Heravanad PO Madikeri,
Kodagu District,
Karnataka, India - 571 201

Phone: 0091-8272-245451, 245514
Fax : 0091-8272-245451