Sudarshana (Turmeric)
Year of Release 1991
Pedigree A selection from the germplasm (PCT-14) collected from Singhat, Manipur
Areas of Adoption Kerala and Andhra Pradesh
Crop Duration 190 days
Yield 28.8 tonnes of fresh rhizomes/ha
Potential yield 54.9 tonnes of fresh rhizomes/ha
Quality Attribute   sudarshana.png
Curcumin 7.9%
Oleoresin 15.0%
Essential oil 7.0%
Morphological Characters  
Colour of aerial shoot Green
Plant height (cm) 136
Leaf length/breadth (cm) 37.4/12.1
No. of tillers per clump 1.9
No. of leaves per clump 14.3
Yield of rhizomes/clump(g) 565
No. of mother rhizomes 1.8
Wt. of mother rhizomes (g) 17
No. of primaries 10.1
Wt. of primaries (g) 236
No. of secondaries (g) 20.1
Wt. of secondaries (g) 310
Colour of rhizomes Orange
Dry recovery % 20.6*
Reaction to major pests and diseases
Rhizome rot (Pythium graminicolum) Moderately tolerant
Leaf blotch (Taphrina maculans) Moderately tolerant
Special characteristics  

A high yielding high quality short duration turmeric with thick plumpy rhizomes. Field tolerant to rhizome rot.

Specific recommendations  

Recommended package of practices of IISR/SAUs are to be followed.

* Provisional


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