Navasree (Cinnamon)
Year of Release 1996
Pedigree Seedling selection from srilankan collection
Areas of Adoption All cinnamon growing areas of India
Crop Duration 3 years for first harvest
Yield 200 kg dry quills/ha
Potential Yield 250 kg/ha
Quality Attribute  
Bark oil 2.7%
Leaf oil 2.8%
Bark oleoresin 8.0%
Brak recovery 40.6%
Cinnamaldehyde in bark oil 73%
Cinnamaldehyde in leaf oil 15%
Eugenol in bark oil 6.0%
Eugenol in leaf oil 62%
Morphological Characters  
Height of tree at 5 years(m) 5-7
Trunk girth at 5 years(cm) 30
Colour of young flushes Light purple turning green in 8-10 days
Leaf length/bredth(cm) 13.4/4.69
Nature of flowering Terminal and auxillary.
Time taken for flowering 4 years
Shoot regeneration capacity 25.45/4 plants
Yield of dry bark per plant(g) 201.1
Colour of dark bark Light brown
Reaction to major pests and diseases
No major pest or discease attck was noticed.  
Special characteristics  

A selection with high shoot regeneration capacity. Higher cinnamaldehyde and oleoresin in bark.


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