IISR-Varada (Ginger)
Year of Release 1996
Pedigree A selection from germplasm.
Areas of Adoption All over India.
Maturity Group 200 days
Average Yield 22.6 t/ha
Quality Attribute  
Essential oil 1.75%
Dry recovery 20.7%
Fibre content 3.29-4.5%
Morphological Characters  
Colour of aerial shoot Green
Plant height (cm) 72.32
Leaf length/breadth (cm) 28.3/2.5
No. of tillers per clump 9.4
No. of leaves per tiller 20
Colour of rhizome core blusish yellow
Shape of rhizome plumpy with flattened fingers.
Colour of scale Reddish brown
Special characteristics  

A good quality , high yielding variety with plumpy rhizomes having falttened finguers and medium sized reddish brown scales. Dry ginger less prone to storage insect damage. Farmers are of opinion that Varada is tolerant to diseases low fibre content.


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