IISR-Avinash (RR1) (Small Cardamom)
Plant type Malabar
Year of Release 1999
Pedigree A selection from open pollinated progeny of CCS-1
Areas of Adoption Karnataka and Wynad
Maturity Group 115 days from flowering
Yield 847 kg dry capsules/ha
Potential yield 1483 kg dry capsules/ha
Quality Attribute  
Essential oil 6.7%
Dry recovery 20.8%
Terpenyl acetate 34.6%
1.8-Cineole 30.4%
Morphological Characters  
Colour of aerial shoot Dark green
Plant height (cm) 228.6
Leaf length/breadth (cm) 69/13
No. of tillers per clump 46
No. of panicles per clump 43
No. of flowers per panicle 163
Reaction to major pests and diseases
Shoot/panicle/capsule borer (Conogethes puncitferalis) Tolerant
Rhizome rot (Pythium vexans & Rhizoctonia solani) Resistant
Special characteristics  

High yielder, suitable for planting in valleys. Has extended flowering period. Yields well at 2.5 x 2 m spacing.

Specific recommendations  
Recommended for rhizome rot infested areas.


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