PLD-2 (Black Pepper)

Year of Release 1996
Pedigree Selection from Kottanadan(Coll.2559)
Areas of Adoption Truvandrum and Quilon districts
Maturity Group Late
Yield 2475 kg dry pepper/ha
Potential yield 4731 kg dry pepper/ha
Quality Attribute  
Piperine 3.0%
Oleoresin 15.45%
Essential oil 4.8%
Morphological Characters  
Leaf length/breadth (cm) 15.5/8.4
Leaf shape Ovate
Spike length(cm) 8.33
Spike composition  
Bisexual % 94.1
Female % 4.3
Male % 0.6
Friut Set % 87.7
No. of fruits per spike  
1000 fruit volume (cc) 122.7
1000 fruit weight (g) 122.3
Yield per vine 4.97 kg green pepper
Dry recovery % 31.13
Special characteristics  
A variety with high quality and suitable to all Pepper growing areas. Oleresin content is high.


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