75th Anniversary of Indian Independence-Webinar

In commemoration of 75th Anniversary of Indian Independence ICAR-Indian Institute of Spices Research, Regional Station, Appangala, Madikeri conducted webinar on “Farmers experience sharing and panel discussion with scientists” on 22.07.2021 from 11.00 am to 12.30 pm using google meet platform.Sh. Nanda Belliappa and Smt. Anitha Nanda from Surya Kiran Estate, Hattihole shared their experience of scientific interventions in increasing the quality and productivity of black pepper in their estate.

They also explained about the infrastructure and nursery facilities developed for adoption of novel and improved varieties of black pepper. In addition Mrs. Anitha Nanda explained about the scientific interventions in the regular cultural operations such as early shade regulation and irrigation to increase the setting percentage and minimizing the spike shedding under higher elevations as recommended by scientists of ICAR-IISR RS, Appangala.

Sh. Kantharaj, K. M., Progressive Planter and winner of IISR Award of Excellence Farmer Entrepreneur 2021 from Kerehalli (V), Somwarpet (T), detailed the scientific practices followed in his estate. His motto in black pepper cultivation is “Prevention is better than cure” and adopted all precautionary measures like Bordeaux spray and COC drenching in curtailing the serious diseases in black pepper. He follows calendar of operation in black pepper developed by ICAR-IISR.

Sh. Bose Mandanna, Former Vice Chairman - Coffee Board and Progressive planter, Suntikoppa shared his 50 years of experience in black pepper farming. He stressed upon the adoption of timely package of practices will reap good crop in black pepper. And also he advised the need of planting every year so as to maintain young and energetic estate.

Sh. Jomy Mathew from Sagar shared his experience about varietal diversification in black pepper. He is maintaining about 50 different black pepper genotypes in his estate.

After planters shared their experience there was panel discussion with scientists of ICAR-IISR RS, Appangala. Many queries regarding varieties, production and protection aspects were answered during the discussion. 70-75 participants attended the webinar.